Embroidery FAQs

How many letters can I have embroidered on my item?

Names (small) - up to 10 characters per row. 

For e.g. Mrs. Williamson will be embroidered on 2 separate rows.

Initials (large) - up to 3 letters/numbers

What characters do you embroider?

We offer A-Z letters in UPPER and lower case, numbers 0-9 and the symbol '.' 

Note: our embroidery is case sensitive. Please enter your initials/name with care. 

Where will my name/initials be embroidered?

We offer complimentary embroidery above the pocket for women’s pyjamas, bottom corner of men’s shorts and bottom left corner on our silk pillowcases. 

For weddings and other special occasions, we can also embroider your special date on the collar of our sets or the LEFT cuff of our long sleeve sets for an additional $10.  

What font do you use?

We use Künstlerschreibschrift. Please refer to the picture below for more details.